Greene Lyon pioneers recycling technologies for historically challenging materials that are more efficient and sustainable than conventional processes.

The Vision

Greene Lyon will be a premier global provider of sustainable and economically compelling recycling technologies for a wide range of materials across multiple industries. We will mitigate the negative environmental consequences of global growth, create value for our shareholders, build a legacy we can be proud of, and foster a fulfilling work experience.

Our Technologies

We recover and refurbish integrated circuits from scrap populated circuit boards. Our Recovery as a Service offering delivers refurbished chips certified for reuse to OEMs, ITAD companies, and e-recyclers. We offer RaaS™ through our IC Recovery division.

We recover precious metals thinly plated on base metal substrates using PM-STRIP®, a non-cyanide highly selective chemical process. Our first application is to selectively strip thin silver plating off copper and copper alloys to produce separate products of high-grade pure Greene Silver™ and clean copper. PM-STRIP processing is done by our wholly owned subsidiary, Greene Lyon Metals. We plan to expand PM-Strip’s application to recover gold and platinum group metals.